A shared performing arts centre is a symbol of how people in the city can work together to achieve things that are too difficult to achieve by any one person or group.

Aotea College is looking to create a coalition of the willing to build an Aotea Performing Arts centre. Both the college and the wider community have strong traditions in the Performing Arts and have signalled the need for a medium sized facility in the city for a number of years.

A collaboration of like minded groups and individuals from the community taking advantage of the major Aotea College redevelopment, will see a 500 seat facility serving both the  college and community until such time as a permanent Performing Arts centre is built in Porirua city.

A performing arts centre will enable many community arts groups to rehearse and perform in their own city. The vibrant arts community currently must travel beyond city limits to access facilities fit for purpose.

The project is part of a major redevelopment of Aotea College.  Plans for a 500 seat Performing Arts centre have been drawn and the largest proportion of funding is secure, for construction to begin later in 2017.

Current seats funded

Target seats

Completion Year


The Board of Trustees is keen to have the college’s new facilities seen as a hub for the community served by Aotea College. The college is experiencing roll growth and the board is keen to continue to add value to the learning experience of students. Also important is the opportunity to include and invite the community to share in the use of the college’s facilities, including primary schools and early childhood centres.
The facility will include spaces to meet, places to practice, rehearse and perform. The Board looks forward to the future when this can be extended to include Adult Community Education opportunities for the wider Porirua community.
The facility will be available for up to 48 weekends per year, 12 complete weeks per year and approximately 336 evenings per year for a nominal charge. The college will cover all administration and operational costs..


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